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About Me

Hey, I'm Jake aka Eztain. I've been producing music since I was 8 years old. I started when I stumbled across some music software in a box of cereal back in 2003. I've been hooked ever since. Ever since I can remember music has always been a massive outlet for me. I'll always be working on something. I just find myself doing it. There is just something about using technology to produce cool sounds that I find entrancing. I learned guitar while I was in school. It taught me rhythm, melody and song structure. I became good at manipulating samples and midi by producing terrible hard dance under the name 'Jekcheck'. When it was time to take a more professional approach I changed my name to 'Eztain' and here we are now. I also studied audio engineering at SAE Institute, they taught me how to correctly mic stuff and how to use gear like mixing desks. I also learned a fair bit about music business and project management while I was there.